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Who can be referred for assessment?

Anyone who is 65 years old and above.
Younger patients under certain circumstances may be considered for review.

Referral can come from any medical practitioner indicating type of review needed (inpatient, outpatient or residential care visit)

What is the out of pocket cost?

DVA Gold Card holders: bulk-billed (no gap payment) for all types of review.

Medicare Card holders:

- for inpatient reviews and residential care visits: bulk-billed

- for outpatient clinic: initial appointment = $50 gap payment; review appointment = $20 gap payment

Non-Medicare Card holders: Please check with admin staff.

How long is the wait for a clinic appointment?

From the time we receive your referral, you should be seen within 1-4 weeks.

How long is the appointment?

Depending on the type of review.
Initial appointments are typically 45-60 minutes long. You will be asked about your health issues, medical history, current medications and undergo testing or physical examinations as needed.
Review appointments are shorter and usually last 20-30 minutes. These are only necessary if there is a need to follow up on specific issues from the previous review.

What should I bring with me to the clinic appointment?

  • Referral from your doctor

  • Letters from other specialists who have seen you recently

  • Current medication list or Webster pak

  • Results of blood tests or scans you have had recently

  • Consider bringing a family member or carer

What should I make known before the appointment?

If you have any special requirements:
- need for an interpreter
- physical/mobility restrictions

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